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hello! im trying to keep my promise of being more active with my site. if you constantly check in with me youd be able to tell that im still rewiring the whole motherboard which is my website. im trying to figure out how i want the homepage to look and im still stealing directly from the original site i got inspo from. it no longer looks like how it used to because they redid their layout like a few months ago but its whatever. they really downgraded and i hope they realize it. minimalism is a curse brought by snobby rich people who wanted the web to look pristine. anyway, i havent been taking my adderall lately and its kind of been fucking me up. i need that shit to literally live and when i dont take it i dissassociate so fucking much and it feels like im not even real bro like. like i fr feel like im a figment of everyones imagination. theres probably tons of spelling errors in this entry because of all this. my parents hid the meds too so i cant even take them if i wanted to but oh well i guess right? im not going to turn this into a vent because yall dont deserve that. ive been drawing a lot lately too! so when i rework my art page expect me to have new shit up. i rlly hope you like what i put out. OMG ALSO i have a patreon now so when i link everything on my about page ill include my patreon. i hope some of yall support me when the link rolls around. love yall xoxo - wido.


hiya guys. im sorry i abandon this site. it actually sits on my shoulder like guilt because i spend an anual fee for the domain. which i plan on changing soon! next year there might be a new punkedwerewolf domain so get ready for that. ive been through a lot of fucking inner turmoil recently. like a lot. ive lost friends that im currently trying to get back with and i also have been having family trust and relationship struggles. but ive been persisting! i havent killed myself yet so i got that going for me i guess. im glad all of you reading this have stayed with me all of this time. it really genuinely means a lot to me. i do not care if ive made any spelling errors throughout this. im sure you dont care either and if you do then fuck you ur annoying. anyways uhghhhhhhm i think i will go now. expect more weekly updates! and if not weekly then like ill update the site every few days. i love yall. peace. -gmoney


this is a filler diary, do not expect much from this entry teehee..,,..the format of the upcoming entries will be sparatic and kooky.