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This is a collection of all the blinkies, stamps, buttons, etc. that Guido has found...would punk notice if you took one...?
For a little insight, I'm sure you know what each graphic is but let me rant about which is which and their dimensions and whatnot.

The most famous graphic in my eyes is a standard button, which is 88x31 pixels. This trend was started by the netscape button iirc. These are used for linking to websites for the most part, you tell someone to link back to your site with your site button. These are basically the internets navigation.

Next on my list of graphics are blinkies, which are the flashing or rather blinking gifs with funny little messages. They are 150x20 pixels. Blinkies don't truly have a use other than showing what you're a fan of or your opinions. Making blinkies is fun as fuck because you can do whatever the fuck you want with them because theyre just so easy to create.

I'm going to briefly talk about stamps because I don't know too much about them. Stamps are a 99x55 pixel graphic that came from DeviantArt. They were mainly for fandom stuff, like showing off what your favorite character was or your OTP (one true pairing). Stamps are cool but they aren't really a favorite of mine because the space given too you is too big for having to get creative but too small for clear images.

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