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You made it to my domain, though I do ask that you take off your shoes at the door...I HATE cleaning up the dirt left around!!!
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If you'd be oh so inclined to listen, I'd like to talk about the reason I made this site and have such big opinions on the old internet.
To keep this short I'll describe 3 different topics.
1.) Customization This is the usual reason people come to neocities and make websites, the limiteless customization that comes with CSS and HTML. With modern social media, you usually have a profile picture and banner to get creative with. This has NEVER been enough for me and many others.
2.) Social media SUX I will DIE on this virtue of mine but I truly think social media is brain rotting. The only reason people ever tell me they still use it is because "my friends have it" or "I need to talk to other people", which are good reasons don't get me wrong. But these things just prove my point further. There is nothing on big social media sites that you cannot find elsewhere. It shortens our attention spans and divides communities/creates discourse.
3.) Advertisement This one will be my number one reason for hating the new web. Every moment of our lives is being capitalized off of. I get that even when the internet was young, we still got sucky ads everywhere but it was more due to less restrictions on what ads could be promoted. Nowadays unless you use an adblocker, there is an advertisement pushed to you in between every post or page. And correct me if I'm wrong but seeing ads every waking moment is not super healthy for our psyche...It feels dehumanizing for all of my time online to be used to consume promotions for products.

I hope that was a good read. Spread the word or spread some cheeks, both will get you laid.