websites i use

I tried to gather all of the websites that help me surf the internet and create my personal website. if theres something you want me to add here send a private mesaage in my guestbook!
click here for the buttons to cool neocities websites i've found! if youve put my button on youe site tell me so i can add yours to mine.

Homestuck the webcomic that started it all
SBAHJ a comic within a comic
Pesterchum Download download to the chatting system used within homestuck
Quirk Assist an application that makes it easier to type with a quirk
The Genisis Project a replication of sburb
Shimejis now little homestuck characters can run around your desktop
Pesterchum Troll Quirks templates for each troll's quirk on the pesterchun client
Kid Sprite Maker make a sprite of your homestuck kid

Personality Quizzes
MBTI/Myers Briggs a test to find out which of the 16 personalities you are
Classpect/Title ever wondered what your sburb hero title would be?
Enneagram a test to see which of the 9 personalities you are
Alignment where do you fall on the DnD alignment chart?
Enneagram a test to see which of the 9 personalities you are
Alignment where do you fall on the DnD alignment chart?

Photo Editing
Photomosh add glitch effects to your photos
Glitterphoto make blingees and add glitter to your images best and easiest site ive used to remove backgrounds
Pixlr easy to use photo editor for quick edits
PicMonkey another easy to use photo editor, requires login
ezgif a gif editor and file converter
PicMix photo editor similar to blingee

Old Web Graphics
The 88x31 GIF Collection a multiple part button collection
A.N. Luca's 88x31 Button Collection a button collection from yours truly
Glitter Graphics #1 community for graphics, layouts, glitter text, animated backgrounds and more
GifCities the geocities animated gif search engine
Cameron's World gifs and images from the website Cameron's World blinkie text generator
GOTH ZONE dollz someone's website that has tons of links to doll makers
GlowTxt text generator
MakeSweet create a silly little 3d animation with your text and images

OBS streaming/recording software
Streamlabs adds on to OBS, customization for twitch stream
Paint Tool Sai 2 drawing software (pirated)
Java need to download before using forge or optifine
Optifine allows shaders to be used in minecraft
Forge allows mods to be used in minecraft
Gimp good free replacement for photoshop
Blender free and open source 3D creation suite
Audacity mix and add effects to audio

HTML Formatter formats your html to look more organized and pretty
Code Validator validates and finds errors within your code
Validation Icons list of all W3C validation icons
HTML5 Valid Badge HTML5 valid badge for your website

Universal Leet converts text to l33t sp34k
Club Penguin Rewritten a replicated, free version of club penguin a virtual pc of windows 93 in your browser
Sigil Generator this site can generate sigils using different methods of your choice
Winampify connect to your Spotify account in browser to make it look like it's playing from a winamp client
Clippy JS Add Clippy or his friends to any website for instant nostalgia
NeoCities "Site to User-Profile" Tool create a bookmark to easily view a neocities user profile