Bookmarks/Link Directory

here is a bunch of sorted links that i either use all the time or want to archive into a nice pretty list. please check them all out! but note that they might not be https/not secure.

check out my neofriends!

Coding Resources

These two sites are for validating HTML and CSS. I use these most as they give you a little button to place on your site showing that it's valid!

Validation Icons

This site has all of the validation buttons for different iterations of HTML and CSS.

HTML5 Valid Icon

This site has the one HTML iteration that was missing from the link above. Whoops!

Image Editing

EZgif is my most favorite site for gif editing. I've made so many graphics on this website. 10/10, super reliable.

Personality Quizzes

Old Web Graphics
Glitter Graphics

Glitter Graphics is a site that hosts a bunch of old gifs and cute pixel graphics as well as some generators.


Gifcities is a search engine for gifs found on archived sites. Sometimes the gifs link to the websites they were found on. Cool for deep dives.