hoi! welcome 2 my undertale shrine :D!!! plz look around!!

dere is lotz 2 see so plz stay for a while...i promiz yu will liek it

let toriel show yu around! she is very helpful!

the shrine is so cool is fills you with determination.

even before UNDERTALE's release i had been ready for the game. watching the ad as a 10 year old got me more hyped than ever. as soon as the game came out i bought it, knowing i'd only ever play the pacifist route. once actually in game, i was so excited for every aspect, sans stepping on the branch, the papyrus dating sim, walking with the kid under my umbrella, the undyne alphys date, any cute little aspect of the game you can think of i was obsessed with. this game had brought me a feeling of happiness i hadnt had since purble place.

it is time to go back home...